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2732 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, FL 33020


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The Flow Boxing Experience

Our high energy fitness center along with our world class Boxing and Yoga trainers will guide you to activate your vital energy via physical, energetic and spiritual healing through movement. Utilizing boxing, yoga and meditation as the main resources to increase body awareness and connection. This is a high vibe physical fitness program like you have never seen. Get ready!

Your Mind and Body Workout

Our Boxing gym and Yoga studio will create an environment for your mind and body to work in coherence and your body's energy will foster introspection and unleash your inner strength. The result of this transformational energy within you will give you a sense of vitality, well being and increase your quality of life. After all, isn't that what is all about?


The art of Boxing, Yoga Pilates and Meditation.

Our physical fitness program of Boxing and Yoga combines the ideal fusion of these disciplines which will bring about the best version of you. This is a new way to look at a gym. Welcome!

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