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The story behind Strength and Mindfulness.

Why we redefined the word gym.

Behind the Flow. Our story of Mind and Body fitness.

When the three of us met for the first time during the pandemic, a unique friendship quickly emerged and our passion for mind and body fitness became (very) obvious. These deep conversations quickly evolved into the idea of creating a high vibe fitness center in Hollywood FL, that will bring a community together via the art of Boxing, Yoga and Meditation. 

At the beginning there were challenges, but we had the perfect recipe; a World Champion trainer, a passionate yogi and luxury hospitality business expert. All strong women with one common intention; to create a safe space with high vibe energy and a unique physical fitness program to help people transform their lives. A fitness center with unique flow where people can truly reconnect with their strength and mindfulness.


We, as Latino women, entrepreneurs and active members of the Hollywood FL community are humbled (and super excited!) to introduce to you: Flow Boxing Club.

Welcome to the vibe! We're so glad you're here.

Franny, Carmen & Vanessa.


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