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Designed and led by our World Champ Franny. Kids Flow Boxing classes are for all-level children ages 6-12. The classes are tailored for your child to develop a strong foundation of athletic and mental strength skills. The ideal first time gym experience for any kid.

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The Program

Kids Flow is an exclusive children boxing training program designed to grow the physical as well as mental fitness of your child. We safely teach traditional boxing techniques in a high vibe environment to get them engaged. The classes integrate agility, strength and flexibility. The children will gain focus, stamina, self-control and confidence in addition to all the health benefits of boxing. But most importantly, they will have a lot of fun doing it.

Children will develop the three elements of fitness: endurance, strength and flexibility.

The boxing classes will nourish their physical their development via:

  • Strong muscle and bones

  • Leaner bodies

  • Reduce risk of becoming overweight

  • Lower chance of  type 2 diabetes

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol


Kids Flow is also designed to reinforce a positive mental state in children.

In addition to the the fitness benefits of regular exercise, there are also psychological factors that may benefit them, including:

  • Decreased "screen time" 

  • Improve sleep and mood

  • increase concentration 

  • a better outlook on life


The Benefits


The Coach

Franny Brito is one of the founders of Flow Boxing Club and she has personally created the Kids Flow program based on more than 10 years of experience working with children in different schools programs. Franny's main goal is for this generation of kids to become active with mind and body fitness and to build up their self esteem so they can live a healthy and joyful life.

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