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Experience a unique blend of power and grace, strength and fluidity, grit and tranquility with a Pilates reformer class in a boxing gym. It's not just about pushing your limits, it's about expanding them.



Joining a Pilates reformer class in a boxing gym provides a wealth of benefits. It offers a balanced approach to fitness by integrating the strength and cardio of boxing with the flexibility, core control, and precision of Pilates. Our reformer amplifies the benefits by adding resistance and versatility to your routine. It helps increase flexibility, improve posture, and create lean muscle tone.


In the high-energy environment of a boxing gym, the calming and focus-inducing effects of Pilates provide a refreshing balance. It helps to improve mental focus and body awareness, which are essential skills for boxing.


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Pilates promotes faster recovery and helps prevent injuries by enhancing body alignment and fostering muscle balance. This makes it a perfect complement to the intense physical demands of boxing.

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