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Our fitness center brings together a warm connected high vibe environment led by our world class trainers whose intention is to see you transform into the best version of yourself.

Here's a glance at who you'll see at the gym.

Meet Franny

My passion for boxing, strength and balance began in the world of karate when I was 7 in Venezuela.  By the age of 12, I began my journey in the national team and became a six-time consecutive national champion. I took my experience to the next level by competing throughout the world, including in the Pan-American, Caribbean and South American games, traveling to over 13 countries. I became a 2-time karate world champion in Japan in 2014 and China in 2016.  I've been a passionate boxing trainer since then and now I want to create a mindful community around the sport.

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Meet Carmen

In life I’ve had different sports experiences that have allowed me to feel amazing while maintaining my mind and body energy in balance. Most of my professional experience has been as a dancer, singer and entertainer, until I decided to become a student in the healing art of Yoga and Pilates. I have discovered the connection between body and mind achieving the incomparable joy of well-being that I want to share with you.

Meet Omar

I've been a high performing athlete the vast part of my life. Certified in TRX, Circuit and FTS.  My love and passion as a boxing trainer roots from my childhood in Venezuela where I took the sport to heart for myself and later channeled that passion to my children. My goal as a boxing coach is to make your quality of life better. I welcome you to discover the best version of yourself.

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Meet Aymara

I'm a professor of physical education specialized in sport development and a personal fitness trainer ready to take Flow Guests to the next level. I'm an ex-athlete in the area of gymnastics and a former ballerina and IFBB professional bodybuilder. My passion is to work with people who have difficulties with learning and developing movement. 

Hollywood FL is our community

We all live, work and LOVE Hollywood FL. The ever growing South Florida area is where we want to make our gym and physical fitness program stand out to help the community. 

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